Site Selection/Site Survey:

We visit potential sites and evaluate them from a variety of perspectives, including: Construction feasibility, business purpose fulfillment, mitigation of risk and utilization.

Owner Representation:

We can act as an agent or liaison for the owner, representing them to architects and contractors. We can then evaluate contracts and agreements, monitor fulfillment of contracts and agreements, act as single point of contact between owner and contractors and architects, make decisions on behalf of the owner and conduct hands-on design and value engineering.

Construction Management:

In this capacity we manage contracts, interface with owner and architects, evaluate contracts and agreements and monitor their fulfillment, assist with contractor selection and manage the contractor, and conduct hands-on value engineering.

General Contracting:

In this role we are responsible for our contract/project, subcontractor selection and management, team with owner/owner’s representative/contract manager and architect and conduct hands-on value engineering.

Steel Structures Supplier:

We shop steel structure suppliers for best fit, evaluate structures and pricing, work with engineers and erectors and supply the steel structures.